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PTSD Battle Plan is a non-profit organization based out of British Columbia. Their mission is to help people battling PTSD overcome their illness and harness coping methods along the way. They provide information that isn't generally accessible at the fingertips. PTSD Battle Plan typically focuses their efforts on first responders. This would include police officers, firefighters, paramedics etc. Although, they do accompany anyone dealing with this illness.


The Verbree family (owners of PTSD Battle Plan) reached out to us with an idea. The father of the family Robert Verbree is a former RCMP officer. When he retired, he fell into a traumatic mental stress. It took him months upon months to recover, he was in absolute agony and concluded that he was dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Robert felt as if there wasn't enough information or support or awareness of PTSD in the RCMP field so he and his family made it their mission to change that. They came to us in the hopes of showcasing their story, specifically Robert's story. This is what we created.




This was more than just a video project. We worked with the Verbree family in formulating a marketing/branding plan. They were looking for something that tied their message together. They felt that there wasn't a light being shined on PTSD in first responders; that these people were being neglected. We simply suggested they use the hashtag #turnonthelight, on their social platforms. We also tied in #turnonthelight in the video and it has been one of their most useful tools for their branding/marketing. Here is what they had to say about the work that we did for them!