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So who are we? We are a company, we are service providers, but really we are creators; individuals with a creative drive. We started New Parallel simply because we love making videos. Over time, this whole thing has blossomed from a side project into the full-time service provider that it is today. Our mission is slightly different than from what you would usually expect. We make it our priority to not only help build others brands, but also our own in a unique way. When we aren't creating for others, we are creating for ourselves. This is why we are so passionate about what we do. 


Constantly we are trying to innovate and adopt new techniques that take our content to the next level. This video below visually illustrates who we are and what we do.. check it out!


We love sharing what we do behind the scenes on our Instagram page. Instagram is a very large part of our company has been a huge tool for us in a sense that it allows us to share what we love to create. We are able to reach people from all over the world; not just clients but people that love what we do. For videographers and creators, this platform allows you to pull inspiration from anywhere and incorporate it into your own work. 


Unless you follow us on Instagram, you won't really know exactly what we do around here. Make sure to go check us out! 



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